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Improvement in Brain Processing Problems 

 Many times learning difficulties have their roots in brain processing problems. When we address the underlying weakness in processing, students are able to make gains in learning. 


   Newer research has shown that we can change our brain – we can essentially re-wire it through specific and repeated stimulation, a concept known as neuroplasticity. As in building strength and endurance with physical exercise, we are able to build neurological pathways and synaptic activity at any age.


 Strategies for Success offers two programs that specifically address brain processing issues. The Unyte-iLs Focus Programs and the Safe Sound Protocol (SSP) offer technology designed to capitalize on brain plasticity to bring improvements in performance. 


     Unyte-iLs Focus Programs train for brain/body integration through a staged approach, starting with the fundamentals of sensory integration and then extending through more complex cognitive functions, including concentration and attention, reading and language, self-expression, and social skills. Using the bottom-up approach, when the underlying developmental gaps and processing issues improve, higher-level academic learning is more attainable. 


The Safe  Sound Protocol (SSP) is a five hour auditory intervention designed to reduce stress and auditory sensitivity while enhancing social engagement and resilience. Based on Dr. Porges’ Polyvagal Theory, by calming the physiological and emotional state, the door is opened for improvement in the following areas:

  • Social and emotional difficulties

  • Auditory sensitivities

  • Anxiety and trauma-related challenges

  • Inattention

  • Stressors that impact social engagement


In The News

     Students today are under more pressure than ever before to reach academic benchmarks. Sadly, the current trends in education often leave little opportunity for the 1:1 instruction and individualized attention some students need to learn. Public schools require a two-year academic delay before students receive special services. Many parents desire to intervene before students qualify for services or supplement what the school is providing.

     Strategies for Success offers 1:1 consultation to develop learning solutions and a plan for remediation using the client's developmental history, outside testing, current school performance and clinical observations. A cognitive screening test through MIndprint Learning is also available. Stepping back to view the big picture is necessary to determine the best strategy to move forward. It is essential for students to become proficient in reading, writing, and arithmetic. It sounds "old school" in the internet age but it is still true today.


   Students who have reading delays benefit from tutoring using Phono-graphix, a proven, highly effective, multi-sensory method of reading instruction.  Many clients achieve two years or more improvement in Word Attack (decoding) skills after just 12 sessions.

____Students often need specific learning strategies and multiple approaches to succeed in math and language arts.  Clients benefit from the wide range of curriculum options including Math Mammoth and Institute for Excellence in Writing as well as many learning techniques and adaptations gleaned from years of experience in occupational therapy and education. 

Individualized Educational Assistance
March 29, 2016
08:30 ET

Integrated Listening Systems' Sensory Therapy Effective With Learning Difficulties


"Over a Three-Month Period, Students Completed 40 Hours of iLs and Saw 3 Months to 2+ Years of Gains in Math and Reading" According to the Data



Research about Autism and Regulation of Hypersensitivity

Research on Phono-Graphix - Peer-Reviewed Publications


Students with Learning Differences can Receive:

Support for the Transition to Adult Life
Guidance for Parenting Challenges​

    School provides structure and support for students and families. As a student enters high school and graduation is on the horizon, families enter uncharted territory and may need help to prepare for the next phase of life.  

Executive function skills

     Many students are overwhelmed with the workload in high school. They do not have the skills needed to keep up with their increasing responsibilities. Although classes are offered to teach executive function skills, there is a difference between getting the correct answer in a class and applying the strategy in "real life." The most effective way to learn these skills is to put them into practice with current responsibilities in an individualized way. Strategies for Success helps young adults learn to look ahead, break large assignments into smaller pieces, leave a margin of time, use available help and study strategies, and ask for accountability. There is no substitute for natural consequences in learning to manage life.


Career Exploration and Job Skills

    Young adults sometimes feel a disconnect between their schoolwork and their future. Taking time to explore their interests and abilities and mapping out a plan to pursue them can help bridge that gap.  Volunteer and work experiences also provide a sense of accomplishment and reveal strengths that point the way to a future career. Job shadowing and job coaching is often necessary to succeed for young people with learning differences. 




     Many parents find themselves on a different path than they expected. They feel isolated and alone as they try to parent a child who does not respond in a typical way. Well-meaning friends and family don't understand what you are experiencing which makes it even worse.

     Each child is unique so there are no cookie-cutter solutions or guarantees. However, the path forward is often found in stepping back and looking at the big picture. Childhood development, family dynamics, processing issues, medical diagnosis, adoption, etc. all factor into your child's situation. Typically, each specialist views your child through the narrow lens of their background and interprets the data on that basis. By taking all of the information and seeing it through a multi-perspective lens, a clearer picture emerges which points the way to effective interventions.

     Parenting is not easy and there is no magic wand, but with incremental changes and support, progress is possible. You will never be a perfect parent or have perfect children but relationships and family life can improve.

   If your family requires additional help beyond the scope of parent coaching, other professional help will be recommended. 

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