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Parent Coaching

Parenting is Difficult!

The reality is there is no expert who has developed a fool-proof method of parenting that will work for your child. Unfortunately, children do not come with an individualized instruction manual. Then when you add on developmental delays, medical diagnoses, or mental health issues it becomes even more difficult to be an effective parent. The struggle is real and exhausting!

(There are situations that require help beyond the scope of practice offered through Strategies for Success. In that case, outside help will be recommended.)

Now What?

Stepping back to look at the big picture can point to interventions that can help things improve. Much like peeling back the layers of an onion, reviewing your child's development, processing issues, emotional and mental health history, and learning difficulties can indicate if difficult behaviors stem from underlying sensory processing problems, developmental delays, sleep issues or more typical causes. Using all of the information and collaboration with the parents, a parenting plan will be developed and implemented.

(Some materials and recommendations used in parent coaching are from a Christian background.)

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