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Educational Support

The Big Three

Reading -Writing-Arithmetic

Students experience a lot of pressure today to perform well on benchmark testing and meet state standards. Parents can feel pressure to compare their child's achievements to their peer group and feel overwhelmed and frustrated by the system we have today. Do you need help mapping out a plan to help your child progress? Strategies for Success can give your family the support it needs whether it is in one weak area or in all three. 


Reading well is a significant educational milestone. Many times the 1:1 help that is needed and the specialized curriculum is difficult to access. Reading tutoring can lead to significant progress.


Phono-graphix multi-sensory reading program teaches phonemic awareness, phonics strategies and other skills for reading and spelling. While developing auditory processing skills,  students learn how the English language code actually works. At the same time, the parent learns how to support the child's new skills at home. At-home practice strengthens new auditory processing and phonics skills leading to improvements in confidence and gains toward reading at grade level.


Two years or more improvement in Word Attack (decoding) skills is common after just 12 sessions. When decoding skills are strong, reading is much easier, comprehension improves, and reading books becomes enjoyable!



Writing proficiently is also a crucial skill. Learning to express one's thoughts and organize ideas is a necessary life skill yet many students have not adequately developed the ability to put words on paper. Reluctant writers can become proficient writers using materials and strategies that meet them at their developmental level. The process is a vital part of writing instruction. The Institute for Excellence in Writing provides a useful framework for developing strong writing skills even in students with learning challenges. Let Strategies for Success help!



Arithmetic is also necessary for success in school and life. Using a multisensory approach and a well-designed curriculum that is developmentally appropriate is important along with understanding where the child has gaps in comprehension. Using Math Mammoth (K-7th) along with various teaching techniques and strategies, students can make gains in elementary school math. Strategies for Success will begin wherever help is needed.

Does My Child Need Testing?

Why is my intelligent child struggling in school? Why is learning so difficult?

You are not alone! Stepping back and looking at the client's developmental history, outside testing, current school performance and clinical observations often provide an adequate picture necessary to develop a plan of intervention.


If more information is needed Mindprint Learning offers an affordable assessment tool for learning strengths and weaknesses. Understanding how the brain is processing provides reliable data for determining the next steps toward improvement.

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